Jun 2011 21


Hello guys and welcome back to Fretnoobs!

Sorry that took me a while to even post an article but I got a little bit sick, fever and all, despite that the weather here is fine and the temperature is 30-35Co everyday :) Go figure…

Well, in this article I just want to share a couple of things with you that I think that will truly benefit you in the long run.

Now, when I started to play guitar I had plenty of free time…and guess how I spent it…yep.. I was playing guitar at least 4 hours a day. Some may think, wow cool, you had a lot of guitar practice. You’ve learned a lot and learned things very fast.

We all heard that you have to do a lot of practice to get good at guitar. It’s true, but up to one point. Trust me when I say to you that playing for 4 hours every day it’s NOT the best thing you can do and it doesn’t really benefit your guitar skill much.

What I mean is that when I started to have less and less of free time, especially when I was studying in Uni, I suddenly realized that when I was practicing and had a time off for a day let’s say, afterwards I was able to do the full exercise better than before and even more.

At the beginning I could not believe it! I was actually getting better with less time practicing by having a break from guitar practicing. I started thinking about it and was trying to figure out why this was happening. When I was in Uni, I was going regularly to the gym because I wanted to lose some weight. And then it hit me. I just remembered the words from my gym instructor who said “Don’t overdo it! You’ll hurt your muscles! You have to take at least a day off between gym sessions if you want your muscles to adapt and respond to the strain”.

And exactly the same happens with guitar practicing! Just think about it! When playing guitar you actually using some muscles, you strain your fingers e.t.c. When you have long sessions of guitar practicing, the only thing you accomplish is that you burn your muscles, the same way an athlete is going to burn his muscles if he’s training 24/7 without a break. You risk injuries, your progress halts and as a result you get frustrated and feel that you’re not going anywhere with your guitar practice. And trust me when I say that you’ll have to be calm when you practice. Frustration leads nowhere. You’ll not progress as much as you would like and you may give up playing the guitar eventually. Try to be relaxed and have fun.

So, If you give your hands and fingers a chance to recover and adapt to what you’re playing by having a break, then you’ll notice that you’ll actually get better much quicker than you thought. It actually takes almost half of the time to see some real improvement to your guitar playing.

So, remember…don’t get frustrated if something doesn’t work out. If you keep pushing yourself, you risk an unwanted injury…just give it a rest..take a break for the rest of the day. Clear your head and then try it again. You’ll see that the exercise that gave you a headache, will be much easier later :)

Thanx for reading and stay tuned!!




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